Quick Post

Well, I haven’t been posting much (read: at all) lately because I haven’t read any books since Spirits From Beyond by Simon R. Green. I just haven’t been in the mode (*gasp* the horror!) and I’ve been job hunting. So what I thought I would do is go through my Kindle and/or my bookshelves and start reviewing books that I have previously read. If you could see the state of my Kindle and my bookshelves, you would know this is quite the task.  😉 So I will try to check past posts to make sure I don’t double up but it has been known to happen. Please bear with me. Thanks guys!

Mod Type Post

So I just wanted to say that I encourage comments if you’re so inclined to leave one. However, please be aware that I do reserve the right not to approve your comment. If I think you’re trolling me or others, I’ll delete your comments. I don’t like trolling and even with the relative anonymity of being online, I get embarrassed easily. Or upset, depending on the comment.

Also, I am reviewing books here. If I don’t like a book, I’m going to say it and I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m generally positive in the books I review, or at least ‘meh’. However, if I read a book that I find absolutely awful, I will state as much and I won’t pull my punches. You are under no obligation to agree with me but please, be civil in your disagreement. The last review I wrote was much nastier than most because the book was a steaming pile. However, if you look at my previous posts, you can see that most of them are not like that. And remember, you can stop reading at any time!

Thank you and on with the show! 😉