Skin Game-Jim Butcher

Skin Game

Skin Game cover courtesy of Jim Butcher’s own website: Visit it!

Oh Jim. Jimmy Jim, Jimmy Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim!* You have done it again. Absolute brilliance. Parkour! In case you needed to be told specifically, there be SPOILERS here.

Lucky old me got to meet Mr. Butcher (ish) at a signing just days after Skin Game came out and I got my copy signed! *fangirlsquee!* I hadn’t quite finished it by the time that I got to the signing but I did shortly thereafter and I have to say, I was not disappointed. Holy cow what a great book.

So we start out with Harry on his island/prison working out to keep in shape. He’s doing his own version of parkour among the creatures that are locked away in there. While shouting PARKOUR at the top of his lungs. Like ya do. His workout is cut short by the appearance of Queen Mab.

She has an assignment for Harry as the Winter Knight. She owes someone a favor. A very large favor. And that person has called in his chit because he has a very tricky assignment to be done and he needs Harry for part of it. Harry is suspicious and he’s right to be. The person Mab wants him to work for: Nicodemus  of the Knights of the Blackened Denarius.

At first, Harry refuses but Mab tells him that dire consequences would be fall him and the whole of the mortal world. Convinced but not happy, Harry and Mab meet with Nicodemus. After the meeting, Harry realizes that Mab wants Harry to be, well, Harry. Harry, who is known for fighting to thwart Nicodemus (among others) and just generally thumbing his nose at those who should make him cower.

Harry agrees to this whole scheme so long as he can bring in one person that he trusts to watch his back. Nicodemus is desperate enough to agree and Harry pulls in Karin Murphy to help. They aren’t the only players and soon enough they’re meeting with a number others who all have special, magical sneak thief talents. We get reintroduced to Binder from Turn Coat, along with several new people including a warlock that the White Council had been after for years.

We also get to see Michael and Maggie and Mouse. Special appearance by Hades himself and Butters. Oh magnificent Butters. I’ve always loved him but he was magnificent in this book. I do hope we get to see Thomas in the next book. Miss him.

I won’t go into too much detail since this book is in print but it is a brilliant, brilliant book. One of my all time favorite Dresden Files. I highly, highly, highly recommend this book. And, well, all the Dresden Files books really. Rating: A++

Cold Days, Review

Where can I start? How about with a HOLY SHIT! Or a {(#{U%{#JR!! This is an awesome book. Awesome doesn’t even cover its awesomeness. Transcendent maybe? Argh. I wish I’d been an English major!

So I won’t get too into details because this came out Tuesday (yes, I am Speedy Gonzales when it comes to reading). Harry comes back from the dead (so to speak) and Mab “nurses” him back to health. That is, she tries to kill him every day until he gets better. He gets presented to the Winter Court as their new Knight and then gets his first ever official assignment (as a Knight that is).  I won’t say what because SPOILERS.

So Harry troops off to Chicago to try and fulfill his knightly duty. He runs almost immediately into one of my favorite Dresden characters, Toot-Toot. Or more properly, Major General Toot-Toot. 🙂 He meets up with apprentice, Molly Carpenter, who helps him convince his brother Thomas that he (Harry) isn’t dead. He gets Mouse back (for a bit) and Bob (for a bit).

He discovers what Demonreach really is and discovers that someone (or something, more accurately) is out to get it. Unfortunately, if Demonreach is destroyed, most of the mid-west goes Bolshevik Muppet. 😉 So on top of his knightly duty, he has to protect his friends, family and innocents from going kaboomsky.

This book is freaking amazing. Have you gotten that yet? 🙂 So go out and buy it. Right now. Rating A++

Cold Days, Harry Dresden

I love, love, love Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books. I have all the novels and all the novellas. I even have a “Polka will never die” tee shirt. Yes, I am a geek. At any rate, if you are anything like me and you just can’t WAIT for the latest book Cold Days to come out, check out Jim’s website. He has decided to pre-release the first few chapters. Come on Thanksgiving (for us U.S. folks at least) because it comes out a few days after! 😀