Devil Said Bang

So first off, I have a warning about this for Kindle owners. The book actually ends about 2/3 of the way through what it lists as the length, at least in my version. After that, it goes back to about half way through the book and repeats itself. I read through it just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of “oh this was all just a dream” trope. It wasn’t. If anyone knows where or how to report this to Kindle, let me know. I don’t really care but there are some assholes out there that will raise a stink. And now to the book!

Awesome! Totally awesome. Does not disappoint at all. As with the Taken review, I won’t go into much detail as the book was released a little over a week ago. Sandman Slim is back and trying to stay alive in Hell. He wants to get back to LA (must be a glutton for punishment) and get out of being Lucifer. He keeps playing off people down below against each other so he has time to figure out a plan, even a crappy one.

He eventually figures out how to get to LA but his troubles are far, far from over. Crazy nutball angel Aelita is trying to kill him, God and re-write the world. The usual. So there’s lots of gratuitous violence and Slim fighting with his other half (his literal other half, the angel portion of him he dubbed Saint James) and Slim being a general dick.

If you liked the first Slim books, you will love this book. A+

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