Star Trek: Into Darkness

Okay, so I’m a mega-Trekkie. I was born a Trekkie to Trekkie parents. I’ve seen every episode of every series (Enterprise excepting because we Shall Not Speak Of It) and every movie. So naturally the hubby (not a Trekkie, but willing to indulge my geekiness) and I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness on opening weekend. I loved it. I adored it. And not just because I absolutely adore Benedict Cumberbatch. Well, that certainly doesn’t hurt. 😉

At any rate, I was poking around a local bookshop a couple weekends ago and found the novelization of the movie. Normally I don’t go for the novelizations of movies because they never quite seem to catch the awesomeness of the movie. This is not to be confused with good books that are turned into meh or worse movies (Bourne books, I’m looking at you).

At any rate, the novelization of Into Darkness was written by Alan Dean Foster, who as written tons of Star Trek books and other novelizations. From the off I was sucked into the story even though I’d just seen the movie a couple weeks ago. It was amazingly good. I could really picture the scenes in the movie as he wrote them. I don’t want to put in too much detail because the movie is still relatively new and there might be the odd Trekkie or movie goer who hasn’t seen it.  But if you like Star Trek, I would really recommend giving this book a read. Rating: A+

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