Live and Let Drood

Oh.  My. God. Simon R. Green has done it again. Live and Let Drood is the latest in the Secret Histories arc featuring Eddie Drood, secret agent. Eddie has just recovered from his last mission to Castle Frankenstein against the Immortals. He’s returning home with his lady love, Molly Metcalf, when he runs into something he never thought possible: a completely destroyed Drood Hall.

With his family seemingly dead, Eddie goes looking for clues in the ruined hall for revenge. Who could possibly be powerful enough to take down the mighty and paranoid Drood family? Eddie has to find out what happened to his family and get revenge. But not all is as it seems and some questions from Eddie’s past are going to be answered while more are raised.

I’m not going to give too much away since this is a brand spankin’ new book. But it is fantastic! And I’m happy to report that it is NOT the last of the Secret Histories. There is at least one more due out called (at the moment) Casino Infernale. So get this book! A+ And if anyone knows of any books similar to Simon R. Green, please let me know!

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